Visit Kaohsiung, colorful old town, Taiwan

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Traveling to Taiwan, going south to Kaohsiung, the color of the old city that has both the aura of the ancient city of Taiwan. And there is also a corner for walking and taking chic photos. Many more points of interest. Today we will take you to experience the city of Kaohsiung. With a variety of places to visit in Kaohsiung that have already been selected that are worth visiting

Dome of Light, the light of Kaohsiung

If you arrived in Kaohsiung and didn’t check-in at the Dome of Light, they will say that you haven’t arrived. It is a dome illuminated with colorful lights. Located within the MRT Formosa Boulevard Station, it is the largest stained glass sculpture in the world. The diameter of the dome is 30 meters long, beautifully conveying the story of earth, water, wind and fire.

Dragon and Tiger Pagodas, Kaohsiung Landmarks

This image that should have been familiar through the eyes for some time. Because it is another landmark of Kaohsiung, the Dragon-Tiger Pagoda or Longhu Pagoda (Dragon and Tiger Pagodas, 龍虎塔) is a 7-storey twin pagoda that towers in front of Chi Chi Temple. In front of the pagoda are large tiger and dragon statues. is the way up and down the pagoda It is believed that walking through the mouth of the dragon and exiting the tiger’s mouth will eliminate the bad things from the body. The top is also a beautiful lotus flower viewpoint. 

Worshiping the water gods Zuoyingyuandi Temple

The beauty of the waterfront is not only the Dragon Tiger Pagoda. The zuoying yuandi temple is another beautiful waterfront temple not far away. which is a Taoist god that Taiwanese people respect very much and there is also a pavilion in Beiji Octagonal water pavilion to sit and relax

Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Park

Fo Guang Shan Buddha Memorial Center, 佛光山佛陀紀念館 is a Buddhist park of great grandeur. Distinguished by the big Buddha and the pagodas. That line both sides of the road with green mountains in the background. There is a place where the Buddha statue is enshrine. large buddhist museum It is also a recreation place for Kaohsiung people. And it has become a popular tourist destination here. Another landmark of Kaohsiung that should not be missed. 

Paying respects to monks at San Feng Temple

before we take you to another place Let’s get to know another temple, Sanfeng Temple, because it is an important temple in Kaohsiung. that if anyone goes to Kaohsiung, they should pay homage And especially about asking for a couple, asking for a boyfriend, this temple is very famous for this matter. Therefore, anyone who wants to have a partner must hurry and ask. as well as the beauty of the red lanterns lined up in a line Whether it’s day or night, it’s equally beautiful.

The Guomao Community

Don’t be bore Because we will take you to a chic and chill place. Starting at The Guomo Community, an old building that used to be a military residence. Built since the 1970s, it seems like nothing But with the curvature of this building It’s an idea for taking photos that are uniquely chic. Especially high angles, curved like this, who aims well, will get a picture in a very beautiful perspective. But there are still regular residents here. So don’t make noise to disturb him.