Point out the famous gelato shop in Italy

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Gelato or  Italian Ice Cream It is a type of ice cream that originated in Italy. The word “Gelato” is Italian, from the word “frozen” or frozen product. It is a low calorie ice cream. The flavor of the gelato is clear, the coffee flavor is like drinking real coffee. Fresh milk, the taste of fresh milk is clearly obtained. In addition, the gelato has less air content than regular ice cream. This gives the gelato a firm texture. smooth and soft tongue where we can find delicious gelato everywhere in Italy Each shop has their craftsmanship to compete with each other. The gelato is decorate to be beautiful and appetizing like no one gives up. Introducing the famous gelato shop in ufabet Italy. Any restaurant that you have been to must eat.

Gelato Shop, Gelateria La Carraia, Florence

If you’re in Florence and around the famous bridge, Ponte alla Carraia, you can’t go wrong with La Carraia. With a rich, soft and smooth taste, especially Dark Chocolate Gelaty, it is a favorite for chocolate lovers. And the price is not expensive. Starting from a small cone, 1 scoop is only 1 euro, but the meat is so dense that it’s worth it. Take a walk, eat, and admire the view around the bridge. fin don’t tell anyone

Vivoli shop, Florence

If you’re looking for an authentic, traditional gelato shop in Florence, this is the place to go. It has to be Vivoli. It’s a restaurant that has been open for a long time since 1929. This restaurant, Italian people know that it’s delicious. Otherwise it wouldn’t last this long. The gelato here doesn’t put a cone but will scoop it into a cup. The recommended flavors are millefoglie and cassata.

Caruso shop Rome

Caruso is a famous gelato shop in Rome, Italy. Freshness is guaranteed with a constant line waiting to buy. At the shop, new gelto is made daily. And with this freshness. The loudest taste must be the fruit flavor. including adding fresh fruit toppings with many types to choose.

Come il Latte, Rome

There are many gelato shops in Rome. Another recommend shop is Come il Latte, which cares about raw materials. Because it will fit each day The gelato here is made fresh every day. And doing this day to day also makes the taste not distorted.

La Sorbetteria Castiglione  , Bologna

If you’re visiting Bologna and want to try the gelato here, we recommend La Sorbetteria Castiglione. And this shop is a guarantee that the gelato here is as good as they say. If you don’t know what flavor to order, try it. honey-caramelize If you’re worried about weight, try seasonal fruit sorbet. It’s refreshing to eat.